RODILLA ABANZA: medical devices at your hands
A new era in Soft Tissue Fixation. Abanza logotipo grande
RODILLA ABANZA: medical devices at your hands
TM WASHERCAP ACL FIXATION SYSTEM Discover our innovative soft tissue fixation system



ABANZA innovates in the field of Orthopedics and Arthroscopic Soft Tissue Repair procedures. We are proud of our achievements and still working for huge challenges raised by surgeons, patients, and hospitals. This strengthens us to continue improve and learning every day about patients care and how we can improve their quality of life through innovation.


We are experts in innovative and disruptive design and development of Medical Devices. We work hard to make happen an extraordinary pathway from ideas to the market reality. Our stakeholders trust ABANZA to lead the innovation of disruptive solutions that is creating the next generation of medical devices.

“We believe in innovation as a mean to create new treatment concepts and improve patient’s life quality. At ABANZA we work to make it possible, always hand in hand with the best medical professionals in the sector”.

J. Abascal
Founder & CEO of ABANZA


Research is a key area of our innovation process: exploring disruptive ideas, building proof of concepts and generating clinical evidence. Our close relationship with medical professionals makes this possible and that is why we assume the unresolved medical needs as our main challenges, involving key opinion leaders from the beginning of the project to the end, as part of our team.

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