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WasherCap ™ is designed to meet the demands of soft tissue graft fixation. The structure of this type of graft is ideal for the reconstruction of ligaments and tendons. To guarantee its correct osseointegration and the success of the surgery, a fixation that allows to preserve its tension and biomechanical characteristics is essential.


The WasherCap family of devices has been designed to help provide secure fixation of the soft tissue graft in ACL reconstruction. Thanks to the WasherCap ™ design, a complete trapping of the soft tissue is achieved inside the device, without depending on the bone quality of the patient and respecting the biomechanics of the graft. WasherCap™ is the best ally for a secure fixation, with a higher retention force and better preservation of tension:

  • Internal imprisonment:independent of the patient’s Bone Mineral Density (BMD), a critical and uncontrollable variable of the surgery.
  • Prevents displacement: under cyclical loads thanks to its cortical positioning.
  • Maximum fixation force and minimum deviation: enables a strong and secure reconstruction with minimal deviation*.
  • Graft protection: screw-washer combination that prevents the transmission of movement to the implant, preserving its tension and integrity.
  • Easy and reproducible technique: ideal device for both primary and secondary surgeries where the tunnel may be damaged.
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The WasherCap ™ System is available in a wide variety of sizes, from 7mm to 10mm. 


WasherCap ™ is composed of a cap and a screw with washer, in materials:

  • PEEK OPTIMA (Invibio® polymer):  mechanical behavior similar to cortical bone. This material combines strength, stiffness and resistance. Biocompatible, Bio-inert and MRI compatible.
  • Titanio Ti-6AL-4V: titanium, aluminum and vanadium alloy, bio-inert, with high strength and low weight ratio.

WasherCap ™ specific instrument set that offers a safe, simple and easily reproducible technique.

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