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The new age of medical devices at your hands


ABANZA was founded in 2014 in Navarra, Spain. With the commitment to develop next-generation devices, the ABANZA team is characterized by its multidisciplinary nature and oriented towards becoming the best ally of medical professionals.

We strive for excellence. For this, our company culture has allowed us to continue growing with new and ambitious projects. Every detail and every opinion matters to achieve our commitment to the quality and ethics of patient care.

ABANZA specializes in the innovation and development of medical instruments and devices and biotechnological research in the field of Sports Medicine.
Managing the flow of medical devices requires careful procedures to ensure traceability, quality, and product integrity.
At ABANZA we aim to create an environment in which all the members of our team can develop their full professional and personal potential.


ABANZA receives the support of investors, grants and recognitions that support our innovation in the field of Traumatology and Sports Medicine.