RODILLA ABANZA: medical devices at your hands
The new age of medical devices at your hands. Abanza logotipo grande
RODILLA ABANZA: medical devices at your hands
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The effect and impact of Covid-19 continues, and the latest measures applied have shaken the world, changing the way we lead our lives.

As a responsible and committed body, ABANZA is complying with the protocol and the official guide. Our staff is receiving updated policies and procedures as it evolves according to the health emergency that is developing.

ABANZA, as a supplier of surgical products, continues to work, and we thank all our staff and partners for their dedication in adopting new ways of working to ensure that we continue to provide a safe and healthy work environment.



ABANZA innovates in the field of Arthroscopic Soft Tissue Surgery. We are proud to express our ambition and respect for the patient to reach the challenges that our allies pose. This allows us to continue learning every day about patient care and how we can improve their quality of life through design.


We specialize in the design and development of devices for Sports Medicine. Our projects are born from the need and concern of clinicians, doctors and hospitals, who trust ABANZA to lead the creation of disruptive solutions that give life to the next generation of devices.

“We believe in innovation as a means to create new treatment concepts and restore the patient’s quality of life. At ABANZA we work to make it possible, always hand in hand with medical professionals.”

J. Abascal
Founder & CEO of ABANZA


Research is a fundamental part of our innovation process: exploring disruptive ideas, building proofs of concept and generating clinical evidence. Our relationship with medical professionals makes this possible and that is why, to solve unresolved medical needs, we involve surgeons from the beginning of the project as part of our team.

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