ABANZA specializes in the innovation and development of medical instruments and devices and biotechnological research in the field of Sports Medicine. The objective of the company is to guarantee the highest quality of the products developed and the satisfaction of our customers, demonstrating integrity in the relationship with our suppliers and efficiency in the management of the resources used. To do so, throughout the entire value chain, ABANZA incorporates a Quality Management System that allows us to comply with the requirements of the sector and current legislation and achieve our objectives.

The company’s goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers, striving to offer an excellent product quality and user experience, with a focus on the full trust of surgeons, patients and hospital systems through effective processes, safe and agile.

To achieve all these purposes, we count on the effort and cooperation of our entire team.

Know our company Policy


ABANZA seeks to restore the quality of life to patients with the help of health professionals; through innovation, quality and reliability of our developments, recognizing the value of care and integrity in our activity and service.


The ABANZA team works to be a benchmark for innovation and quality in Sports Medicine. We seek to be the best ally that gives life to the devices that doctors want in their surgeries.


We are PROACTIVE. We respond to the needs of our clients, defining clear and ambitious goals of excellence, and achieving them. This is possible thanks to teamwork, with a focus on creating value for the company and saving costs. ABANZA is aware of the value of a qualified and motivated team to nurture this attitude, and with this objective it promotes the implementation of professional development plans that enhance those knowledge and skills that allow them to develop their activity with solvency and effectiveness, and granting them the necessary autonomy in the exercise of their functions.
We think differently, at ABANZA we believe in INNOVATION. This means taking a truly decisive, passionate for excellence and creative approach to the design of our products and services. It means analyzing the needs of surgeons, patients and hospital systems, growing with the barriers and detecting opportunities. It means encouraging, supporting and validating new approaches and ideas. It means stimulating and assuming leadership, teamwork and a philosophy of continuous innovation.

We generate TRUST, and we work to maintain it and continue to strengthen it day by day with our clients and collaborators. We generate it by being professionals, close and listening to the environment that surrounds us. We maintain it thanks to the quality of our products and services. And we reinforce it by being honest with our clients and partners, demonstrating integrity and an ethical approach in our activity. This trust is based on the people who make up ABANZA, fostering a balance between professional life and family, transparent communication and promoting the development of labor relations based on respect and equality.